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We strive to obtain the maximum income from every installed Watt.  We build systems to consistently out-perform similar sized projects, while always using the most efficient, longest-lasting equipment available.


CitiGreen is the best in the industry at producing maximum income from a project with our combination of products and processes.  We look from two perspectives: a contractor and an investor.  read more →


At CitiGreen, we have the expertise and experience to back it up.  We can get financing for almost any customer, in a variety of different methods.  A virtually risk-free investment like solar is still just that – an investment – and we will help you from the first step.  read more →


→CitiGreen will oversee construction of your solar installation at the lowest overall costs for the highest quality product. No other company can provide a better combination of service, support, experience, quality and price.   read more →


We meticulously design PV systems to meet the economic goals detailed in our proposals. This means continuous full system operation for 30+ years.  Three decades is a long time, and maintenance needs are expected during normal operation due to events such as dirt accumulation, severe weather, grid fluctuations, bird or rodent intrusions, and other occurrences you might not expect.    read more →

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